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Parker IM Last Frontier Portal, Polar and Submerge Fountain Pen Set


Parker IM Last Frontier Portal, Polar and Submerge Fountain Pen Set

$ 139.00 $ 295.00

Parker IM Last Frontier Portal, Polar and Submerge Fountain Pen Set Fine Nibs

Since its inception, Parker has been the pen of choice of intrepid explorers and forward-thinking leaders, who have been brave enough to challenge the status quo and go beyond the established frontiers to reach their goals.

Parker celebrates that mindset and brings us on an epic adventure to the 3 most uncharted places known to man – the deep sea, the Artic and space with its new IM Special Edition – The Last Frontier.


The IM Special Polar is inspired by the Arctic’s expansive icy landscape. The Artic is one of the most unforgiving places on Earth with one of the harshest climate and has yet to reveal many of its secrets. Only a small group of people has undertaken the journey to collect information from our past, stored deep in the ice sheet and help us understand the Earth’s climate. 

These incredible endeavors have been encapsulated in the silver to slate gradient lacquered cap and barrel, complimented by a deep etched pattern inspired by the challenging exploration on the icy surface.

IM Polar is a beacon for the ingenuity and determination in all of us to keep thriving despite uncertainty.


The IM Special Portal is inspired by the boundless universe that surrounds us – space. The quest of brilliant minded people to develop ever more capable spaceships, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies as well as fearless astronauts, will help us understand better our place in the universe.

Those epic journeys are recorded in the red to midnight black gradient lacquered cap and barrel, chrome trims and an elaborated engraved pattern that propels us to the stars.

IM Portal is a reminder that with the right mindset we can reach further than ever before.


The IM Submerge is inspired by the vast, unchartered deep sea. Only a few intrepid explorers have undertaken the challenging journey to the bottom of the sea to advance our understanding of those environments and allow us to preserve them for future generations.

Featuring a blue gradient lacquered cap and barrel, chrome trims and a tactile, engraved pattern capturing incredible underwater expeditions.

IM Submerge pays tribute to those who go beyond their limits to explore the unknown.

  • Durable stainless steel fine nib delivers a writing experience that’s both reliable and personal
  • A comfortable and ergonomic shape is paired with superior PARKER craftsmanship to evoke the brand’s rich heritage
  • Presented in a PARKER gift box with refill, it is also a sophisticated gift for young professionals looking to go beyond their limits to reach their full potential.

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