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List Of Sharpie Colors

List Of Sharpie Colors

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How Many Colors Sharpie Are There?

The answer is, there are at least 108 different Sharpie colors, some are discontinued. Besides for the Sharpie Paint Markers listed below the regular Sharpie Markers

sharpie aqua  
sharpie aquamarine                                                  
sharpie almond

    sharpie amber
    sharpie blue ice

    Sharpie Berry
    sharpie black markers list
    sharpie mocha

    • Navy
    • Olive (Discontinued)

    • Plum (Discontinued)
    • Lilac
    • Light Blue Topaz
    • Mint (Discontinued) Still Available
    • sharpie mint
    • Peach  (Discontinued) Still Available
    • Pink
    • pink sharpie
    • Purple Fluorite
    • Racey Red
    • Rose Quartz
    • Sky Blue 
    • Super Sonic Yellow
    • Valley Girl Violet
    • Dandelion  (Discontinued) 
    • Ocean Glue  (Discontinued) 
    • Slate Grey  (Discontinued) Still Available
    • Spruce Green  (Discontinued)
    • Kiwi  (Discontinued)

    • Pumpkin  (Discontinued) sharpie-pumpkin
    • Rain Shower  (Discontinued) sharpie rain shower
    • Rose  (Discontinued)
    • Violet 
    • Violet Chalcedony
    • Coconut  (Discontinued) sharpie-coconut-marker
    • Flamingo
    • Lime Daiquiri sharpie Lime Daiquiri sharpie ultra fine Lime Daiquiri
    • Stingray
    Sharpie Sting Grey

    Sharpie Paint Markers





    Pastel Blue


    Yellow Glitter





    I like Sharpies brand I’m very satisfied with Sharpie. Wish I could fine all colors, those generic brand have no way of comparing color, scent, even to permanently staying on any surface. Keep up spectacular work. Very Satisfied
    Thank you
    Tina Delgado

    Tina I Delgado,

    Are the colors marked on the individual pens? If so where?
    I have specific colors I want but don’t know what they are called.

    Diana Nelson,

    I wish you would put the names of the color on the pens. I have a pen color i really like and don’t know it’s name. Id love to be able to send out somewhere to see if i could purchase more of them.

    Susan Lauritsen,

    why are some colors discontinued?

    mary mills,

    If “Spruce Green” is still available, why can’t I find it anywhere?


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